About the Lovely Taiwan Foundation

Invite everyone to experience the beauty of Taiwan.

Taiwan is filled with welcoming residents, rich natural resources, and a heartwarming vibe, giving way to a comfortable, relaxing, simplistic life and peace of mind. In the spring of 2009, the WK Technology Fund Chairman, Wen C. Ko, created the Lovely Taiwan Foundation to showcase the variety of goods Taiwan has to offer. Wen C. Ko invited esthetician Chiang Hsun, Common Wealth Magazine publisher Diane Ying, Betty Chen, and senior media intellectual Hsu Lu to serve as directors for the foundation and assigned Hsu Lu as chief executive. The Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder, Lin Hwai-min, and The Alliance Cultural Foundation Chairman, Stanley Yen, serve as the Foundation’s consultants.

The Lovely Taiwan Cultural Foundation is involved in the establishment of a better culture of villages and towns in Taiwan. The desire to keep the native culture alive in Taiwan is deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of the Taiwanese people. In hopes that others will see the strength and characteristics that are special to Taiwan, the “Lovely Taiwan Foundation” was created.


Chishang Culture on deep cultivation.

Let your dream take off here! Chishang Artists in-Residence.

Chishang welcomes artists and residents to learn from each other, sharing the same attitude to life, so that the artists have a deep understanding as to the good of the town and the residents feel the artists’ creativity.

Long-standing commitment to Taiwan’s culture and tourism, Stanley Yen, naturalist author Liu Ka-Hsiang, Hakka music creators Lin Sheng-xiang, community-building worker Lu Ming-shih, actor Tung Ming-hsiang, famous travel writer Su Kuo-chi, music award-winning Summer Lei, specializing in local ingredients to create dishes Zhuang Yue-jiau and architect Xiao Youzhi.

These artists all come from different angles of the roaming culture, music, and food and are able to integrate these different specializations into the township of Chishang therefore, enhancing our culture and adding to the beauty of Taiwan as a whole. After all, Taiwan’s culture begins from the individual towns throughout the land. Hope people can spend more time here and feel the warmth and beauty of the town, Chishang.


Spotlight-Eastern Region

Explore The Marvels of Nature and Power of Culture in Hualien and Taitung.

The eastern part of the international spotlight project has been put together by the Tourism Bureau and the Lovely Taiwan Foundation to promote integration into the cultural resources and talents; including Taitung, Chishang, Makutaay and Hualien. The project aims to allow domestic and foreign tourists the opportunity to enjoy and experience the unique charm that Hualien and Taitung have to offer.

Taitung Spotlight

The Taitung Spotlight, Tiehua Music Village is a settlement where aboriginal musicians come to sing and play music. On the weekends there is a “Slow market” where one can meet small-scale farmers and purchase hand-made goods.

Chishang Spotlight

The Chishang Spotlight is held regularly throughout the seasons. Here you will find activities and promotion of the ground grains snacks and desserts.

Makutaay Spotlight

The Makutaay Spotlight aims to give everyone a taste of aboriginal food.

Hualien Spotlight

The Hualien Spotlight provides visitors with an in-depth view of Hualien’s diverse style.


Jinfeng Township, Taitung County Granville Village

Volunteers role play and participate in the reconstruction
of both their homes and their culture.


The 88 hurricane/ Typhoon Morakot caused the Taitung Granville Village and the Lovely Taiwan Foundation to work together and organize the “Sing for Home” fundraising concerts. The community donated and raised a total of NT 9,986,496. In the wake of the hurricane, the Foundation had two commissioners who stayed in the Granville Village and continued accompanied and participated in cultural reconstruction of the homes.

This reconstruction project is organized by local elders, and most important of all is to rebuild places using traditional building skills including the “Tribal Square” , the “Tribal chief home”, the “observation tower”, and a square where ceremony will be held. Through participating in the reconstruction project, we sincerely hope tribal youth can stay in these new places to learn and share the traditional culture which belongs to them.